Breathe, breathe, and breathe again

DSC02303In my continued teaching, I find repeated problems, most owing to a lack of breath consistency. Nerves, emotional pushing, unreleased body tension…if only we could remember to breathe, breathe, and breathe again! Actors are so concerned about not being in their heads that they forget they can “check in” and still take a second to collect themselves and prevent major mishaps, vocally, mentally, or emotionally! Too may times have I seen actors in films, plays, and even TV just throw their training in the can and push or collapse the voice. Just this past week a student of mine complained about the huge amount of volume problems in Broadway productions. If you want to be a true artist and enjoy the fruits of your years of labor, challenge yourself to be that individual who is always present in every way. Find your voice, use your words for all to hear, and trust that your authentic self is far more interesting than following the crowd! Have a terrific week and keep breathing. :)

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