happy spring?

(Kelli Holsopple as Electra and Page Clements as Clytemnestra-Photo credit: Gerry Goodstein)

As my show winds down to a close tomorrow, I am reminded of just how thankful I am for this career path and all that it brings to my life! Playing the self absorbed Queen of Mycenae, spewing out rage and bitterness to the grieving Electra, tends to make one feel rather dark, but it is all for the love of art! I had the good fortune to apply all I teach about the voice and words over the past two months, thus experiencing all the highs and lows. I “pushed” my voice on several occasions and was therefore reminded of just how vital vocal technique is. How happy I am to know that the exercises and discipline truly works for the performer and public speaker! Warmups are the answer!

All while rehearsing and performing, I was coaching students from all walks of life and I feel so blessed to be in the middle of continuing education, giving and receiving! February and March brought Shakespearean monologues and scenes, foreign dialect reducing and creating, contemporary stage and film audition texts, and an architect who wanted to improve her voice for presentations into my life. Needless to say, the months were full. Am I exhausted? Am I physically and mentally spent? Absolutely. However, I am filled with gratitude for the passionate work and accomplishments.

I am looking to the skies for happy spring weather, which seems to still be hiding from us…let us all stay positive and hope for that blissful season’s speedy arrival! In the meantime, keep breathing, vocalizing, working on clear communication, filling the space and being heard with all you have to share!

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