How do I work consistently on keeping my voice strong?


How do I work consistently on keeping my voice strong?

Finding time to do vocal and physical warm ups is often a challenge. A week can go by and you may realize you didn’t achieve your goal of working in some focused way with strengthening your vocal instrument. I admit setting weekly goals and sticking to them is always taxing, but it can be done! I really believe the key is not to put pressure on oneself to accomplish too much at one time. It’s one thing to sit down with a speech book and drill vowel and consonant placement to reduce dialect sounds. It’s entirely another to do that consistently week after week without getting bored! The same could be applied to simple stretching and vocalizing. But the results are fantastic!

I believe if you truly want to have a voice you can count on for any public speech, office presentation, acting audition, etc., you must commit to doing something at least 3 times a week! This means stretching and working on strengthening breath control muscles, warming up the vocal chords for broader pitch range and volume, reading aloud or doing tongue twisters to keep speech muscles agile, etc. Simply choosing to done one of these things for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week will do wonders for your vocal life. Challenge yourself to accomplish this for a month and see what happens! I know you will feel great and be pleasantly surprised at how grounded and in control you’ll be. Anything worth having is worth working hard for! Have a terrific week everyone… and be heard!

One thought on “How do I work consistently on keeping my voice strong?

  1. Dear Page,
    Your vocal warm up video is the perfect way to keep a daily, or at least 3x a week workout. Your gentle guidance and humor keep the routine upbeat and personal. Thank you !


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