I’m in a show!

Good news! I am thrilled to announce I have been cast in a show here in NYC! I will be playing Clytemnestra in the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble’s production of Electra, by Sophocles. I’m very excited. I have been teaching so much these past 2 years that I took time away from acting. Miracle of miracles…a classical piece came along that is right up my alley and tada! Note to self: be extremely grateful…and then be grateful again. ;)

One would think with the amount of time I spend speaking to groups and working on all things theatrical, that I would not have any concerns about performing. Ha! No matter how often one works or for how long, one still feels nerves doing their dance through the insides! I even sang a bit of a song for the audition…those closest to me know just how much that traumatizes me! I survived because I applied what always works: focus on the action in the story and the person, not myself-truly the best technique there is.

Rehearsals have begun and the director, crew, and cast are marvelous! I will apply what I know and teach every day: breathe, warm up, breathe, dive into the details, breathe, listen, breathe, be heard, and breathe again…keep your fingers crossed! Hope you all have a glorious week. :)

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