Fear of Speaking in Public

I am always bowled over by how many students share their fears re: their voice. Not a new subject to me, I quickly respond to each with a similar story. It never ceases to amaze me how emotional I become every time I share it. Many, many years ago, I experienced a traumatic experience with my voice and it still lives in me to this day. I had a teacher who paraded me in front of a large master class of music majors and described my voice as what no one would ever want. Of course, the second I realized what was happening I choked and could not produce a note. I will never forget that day or the lasting effect it has had on my performances requiring a song.

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Lowering Breath


Today proved a challenging one. I had 12 hours of teaching to accomplish, not an easy feat by any means! The goal was to be as fresh for my last class as I was for my first. I aimed at practicing what I preach – lower and use my breath fully throughout the day. Lowering my breath worked. Not only did I make it through 12 hours of teaching without feeling exhausted, but I knew the information was still specific and energized at the end-whew!

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Well, here’s a topic!  Who doesn’t have tension?  As we age, more and more establishes itself throughout our body and mind.  We work to release it through exercise, meditation, relaxing, etc., but what about the effect it has on the voice?  The more I teach, the more I see that focusing on relaxing the throat and jaw area, the more we can drop our sound down in the body and produce a bigger sound and clearer words.  Grabbing for breath in the high chest and back (around the clavicle bones and thoracic area) doesn’t serve our purpose.  We want the thought to carry and mean something for the listener.  So next time you feel tension taking over your voice, stop, take a deep breath and use it on the sound.  Don’t just dump it out and then talk.  Breath is the fuel.  Make your vowels more open and value words-don’t just spew them out to get them out!

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Welcome to my Blog


Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I am thrilled to begin this new journey of helping everyone with their vocal needs…this is my first of many blogs about all things related to the “voice”! I hope you will find everything I offer useful for your life.

Having a powerful and effective speaking voice is vital for all of us and I am certainly on a mission to help everyone I can. I am a voice teacher for actors and public speakers and have been for the last twenty years.

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