Prepare for allergy season!

Carol gave me my heart!As we approach, or better yet, are in the middle of allergy season, do pay close attention to the early signs of vocal or breathing distress: more post nasal drip than usual, tightening of the chest, sinus congestion, headaches, and fatigue. I tend to suffer from all of these problems at least once a year and this year is no exception. I recently finished a short run of a theatrical production and full teaching schedule, so my body and nature decided to hit me hard. Just this past weekend, I felt that all too familiar “tickle” in the throat and a bit of sinus congestion. I began my never fail regimen of home remedies: flushing the nasal area with a saline and water mixture and gargling and swallowing an apple cider vinegar and water mixture for cleaning out all impurities.

Much to my chagrin, it wasn’t enough. Within two days, I was having trouble breathing as my lungs were filling with fluid. I thought this was just another seasonal problem I always have and can heal myself. Not so! Ironically, what made me finally realize a visit to the doctor was in order was having a phone conversation and not being able to even speak without gasping for breath. I put my pride in a drawer and headed to the hospital! I had contracted acute bronchitis within two days and had I waited, it would have quickly moved to pneumonia. As a teacher of voice, breathing, and taking good care of one’s instrument, I was amazed at how quickly my condition worsened. I have never had this experience in my life and certainly never want to again! I am on the mend, as I am on my second day of rest and antibiotics. Just having more energy and not panicking for every breath feels miraculous! It just goes to show you-we are always learning. So keep up the regimen of all things healthy, especially as you prepare for allergy season! Keep a humidifier running while you sleep, take immune building vitamins, drink fluids consistently, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and listen to the warning signs of approaching voice or breathing problems!

Let’s all give thanks for our blessings and enjoy spring as we should. :)

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