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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I am thrilled to begin this new journey of helping everyone with their vocal needs…this is my first of many blogs about all things related to the “voice”! I hope you will find everything I offer useful for your life.

Having a powerful and effective speaking voice is vital for all of us and I am certainly on a mission to help everyone I can. I am a voice teacher for actors and public speakers and have been for the last twenty years. I currently live and work in NYC, but have traveled all over the country teaching voice classes and performing. I am an actor as well and have performed in over 50 theatrical productions. My personal tale is a full one, filled with highs and lows. I can honestly say that of all the experiences I hold dear, my voice has somehow been an integral part. Perhaps this is why teaching voice fell into my lap and I remain dedicated to vocal work to this day.

To give you a short version of a very long story…my performance career began at a young age and I soon fell in love with acting and singing. I had a reputation for being outspoken and boisterous and I am sure my students would say that still exists today! Due to my “in your face” style in grade and high school, I soon created habits of vocally pushing and losing my voice frequently. I had no idea what a huge part this would play in my entire life. Upon entering college, I was met with disaster. As a freshman, I was told, due to my damaged voice, I could never have the career in theatre that I so desperately wanted. I was put on display by a teacher as the voice one would never want. Luckily, I did not listen to such negative advice, sought help elsewhere, and from my sophomore year through graduation I worked with positive, helpful professors who molded and guided me on my path as performer and vocal teacher.

Fast forward to my move to NYC…where I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) and won several prestigious awards for acting and speech and the school’s first Neil Simon Foundation Scholarship. As my professional education flourished I learned everything about my vocal life and how to use it and rely on it to support all I desired. Through the traumatic experiences and changes, I found that words and sounds were everything. I knew I had to honor this gift and give back. Over the next ten years I was an associate professor of voice and speech at AADA and one of the original members of The Metropolitan Playhouse of New York. I later joined the faculty of the Terry Schreiber Studio where I continue to teach Vocal Production, Dialect and Shakespeare.

Now for YOU…If you are one of those people who have said, “I am so afraid to speak in public.” or “I hate my voice.” or “I lose my voice all the time and I want to make a change.”, then this is the place for you. My newly released video, Page Clements Vocal Warmups and Exercises, is a tool everyone should own, in my humble opinion. It will serve as your daily, weekly, or monthly support system for working on and establishing the vocal life you’ve always dreamed of having. In addition, I will be posting blogs every week about common vocal issues and how to deal with them. I will cover a broad range of topics and strive to help uncover all the solutions to vocal “problems”, which only a small percentage of people have heretofore sought to solve.

That being said, this website is not only for problems. It is also my dream to help support and encourage all people to simply learn about his or her authentic voice and love it. It is my belief that strong breath work can positively support anything you do in your life. I have worked with people from all walks of life and found that tension and holding breath is a major habit and key to many blocks to success or contentment. I look forward to hearing from all of you and sharing our experiences, great and small, in hopes that you will believe in and work diligently for a life using your strong, unique voice. You deserve to be heard!


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