Breathe, breathe, and breathe again

In my continued teaching, I find repeated problems, most owing to a lack of breath consistency. Nerves, emotional pushing, unreleased body tension…if only we could remember to breathe, breathe, and breathe again! Actors are so concerned about not being in their heads that they forget they can “check in” and still take a second to […]

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I’m in a show!


Good news! I am thrilled to announce I have been cast in a show here in NYC! I will be playing Clytemnestra in the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble’s production of Electra, by Sophocles. I’m very excited. I have been teaching so much these past 2 years that I took time away from acting. Miracle of miracles…a classical piece came along that is right up my alley and tada! Note to self: be extremely grateful…and then be grateful again. ;)

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