Value your words!

tourguidepicMove your words fully into the space you are in and into the person or persons you are with-don’t speak to just purge your thoughts. Give value to every single word in your thought, not just the most operative. Remember everything you say is important and the world wants to truly receive all your words, not just a few. My advice is to ignore those who tell you to speak in a small, removed way. Being truly present is much more interesting than the idea of pulling back. Those who say it’s cool or sexy to be small or use a breathy, scratchy voice should watch classic films over and over again. You wouldn’t catch the likes of John Lithgow, Cary Grant, or Judi Dench being small! The same goes for people like Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, and Sir Richard Branson. Value your words! You deserve to be heard!

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