Vocal nodules are not a death sentence for the voice!

Frederick 130It’s Sunday and I am exhausted from working on my old, but charming Victorian fixer-upper home! Whew! I hope you are all well and hydrating well in this heat! I received a distressing call from a former student, explaining she had contracted nodules on her vocal chords! Vocal nodules are not a death sentence for the voice! Frustrating for any of us and they may make us sound like a duck, but nodules are not life altering for too long. Having experienced this myself when I was much younger and worked with many who’ve had them, I empathized with her frustration and anguish. The good news I gave her is that with much vocal rest, speaking in a slightly higher register, and using a low volume, she can overcome and rid herself of the pesky critters in a few short months. I know that seems like a long time, but getting rid of nodules is key. When singing or speaking, if you are asked by a coach or director of any kind to push or create a “real”, “sexy” sound by speaking in a raspy tone, please beware! That never has been good advice and the voice can be damaged quickly. Take it from me, staying vocally strong, present, and developing endurance of an athlete is the way to go to have a long career! Happy Sunday and stay cool-hydrate!!

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