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I just saw one of my former students, Jonny Orsini, on Broadway in The Nance. To say the show and his performance was terrific would be an understatement! I advise everyone to see it before it closes. Nathan Lane is at his personal best in my estimation, as his emotional journey is much larger than I have ever witnessed him traveling. Jonny is making his Broadway debut, is wonderful in the show, and has won an award to boot! I am thrilled for him and the show. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I was personally overjoyed with what a full and present voice Jonny had in the show. His consistent work on his instrument is serving him well!! I didn’t miss a word and I was up in the balcony…run, don’t walk, to catch this show!! Voice and Broadway-a perfect love affair!

2 thoughts on “Voice and Broadway

  1. Dear Page — how wonderful to learn of your very specialized work with the VOICE over these past many years! Ironically, my professional training also began with vocal (singing) training at the age of 12 with the Chicago Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art. This past weekend I was re-potting a sweet gift from you from many years ago, the symbolic “prop” used in our production of CACTUS FLOWER that you directed before your move to NYC. Guess what, it BLOOMS every year!! What a fond memory! Please contact me at my e-mail, there is a possibility that I will be coming to NYC for the New Musical Festival soon, and would love to reconnect if possible. I have continued in film and commercial work through the years. So happy to see and hear you in the videos you have posted… makes my heart smile!! XOXO Dianne

    • Dianne:

      So nice to hear from you! I am keeping very busy here in NYC, but would love to see you if you make it up this way! All the best to you in your continued success with film and music! I have very fond memories of our time together in Atlanta…wow, so long ago!

      My very best,

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